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Crypto betting

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Crypto betting and betting on the World Deposit and withdrawals at the site can be made with various financial intermediaries. Though this top 16 crypto financial intermediary is not formally established for this business, Bitcoin and 15 different crypto betting methods are also important. USA, Europe and ASIA We have reviewed this method for you that has just started to be used at

Site Name: 1xBit
Financial Method: 16 Digital Money
Founded: 2016
Country of incorporation: Curacaos
Country granting financial transaction license: None
Access link:

1xBit Bitcoin – Facts
Minimum Deposit Amount: 1 mBT (National Bitkoz = 0.001 BTC)
Max. Deposit amount: not specified
Editing: immediate
Fees / Expenses: None
Welcome bonus: 100% to max. 1 BTC
Minimum payment rate: 1.10

How do we pay BTC 1xBit?
As with 1xBit, recording at 1xBit is fast and easy. If you choose 1-step recording, you only need to enter your e-mail address. You will then receive an account ID and password immediately at 1xBit. Of course, you can change the password at any time in the account settings.

For a nice bonus with 1xBit, one must say that expenditure later requires an identity document. This is not the case if you have waived the bonus. As many Bitcoins and Crypto users appreciate the anonymity of the payment process, the welcome bonus is not recommended in this case. You can see how the pay-per-view looks with in mobile version using the following screen view.

In total, crypto 1xBit offers 16 different encryption currencies. You can find all the crypto currencies in Bitcoin ‘den Ethereum, NEM’ s Digibyte and Dogecoin, but for example the fluctuation is missing. In addition to Bitcoin, we also contacted Ethereum Closer. You can find all the information about this revolutionary block chain in my report about Ethereum gamblers.

If you have written the currency you want, you will receive the deposit code or QR code. The minimum amount for bitcoin beds is 1 mBT, ie 0.001 BTC. This corresponds approximately to the value of $ Daily and €.

qr code

The deposit will be processed immediately and will appear on the betting account immediately after depositing the balance.

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