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Open 1xBit Account

Open 1xBit Account
There are two ways to register a 1xBit account: One-Click and Email. Either way, you need to enter your email address and specify the currency you want to use for your account. The main difference is that if you sign up using the Email option, you need to specify your encryption. The One Click method automatically sets the password for you. By E-mail method is preferable because it is better to set up your own cipher so that you can remember it more easily.

Either way, an email confirmation is required. In order to continue singing in your account, you must first click on the Full Record link / button sent to your box. The whole 1xBet account registration process should not last more than 30 seconds.

You will not provide a username during account registration, since you will have your email address to use with your password to sign in later. You can also use your account number (instead of your e-mail address) to log in to your account.

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